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Product Information

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Bench Type Round Chamfering Machine for Steel Plates
Machined Workpiece

>Thermally Cut Surface Machining

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This machine rounds off the sharp edge of a flat
surface of the steel plate, formed by laser- or
gas-cutting of the steel plate.


This is a steel plate feeding type machine where the main axis is fixed (upward).

  • Round chamfering with stable quality (Significant reduction in rework)
    (a) Uniform R size is available by machining while the copying roller is making contact with the cut surface contour.
    (b) The main axis has a vertically floating mechanism, and machining of warped steel plates is possible by tracking the warp.
    (c) Steel plates are supplied at a constant speed by the feeding device, and machined uniformly.
  • As compared to hand-held style, workload is reduced and a process of fixing thermally cut plates can be skipped.

Main Specifications
Main Specifications
Main body size W:900xD:800xH:1200
Table height GL~750mm
Machining details  Round chamfering(-R4)
Main axis cutter  3 blades tip replaceable special cutter 
Machined plate (Thickness)  9mm~36mm
Guide roller diameter φ40
Cutting feed Variable-speed volume type(-6m/min)
Main body weight 280 kg
Power supply AC200V 
Note With a contour copying roller and a thickness copying table

* The machine can be customized according to your machined steel plate shapes. Please don't hesitate to contact us. We will propose machines with optimal table size, shape, etc, suitable to shapes of machined workpieces.
* We can also provide round chamfering machines with double column type ? CNC 3-axis vertical machining center system.。