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Product Information

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Inclinable Barrel Grinder
Grinding of Special Machines
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Use: Grinding of Industrial Workpieces

Our barrel grinders are used for removal of burrs and polishing of the surface of industrial components, thus adding more value to components.

10 Features of Yamashina Barrel
(1)Functional, user friendly, and reasonable ? (Reasonable price thanks to functional design with simple structure)
The barrel grinder was designed functionally, so the design has not been changed even one time for the last 30 years. The structure is simple without further need to eliminate unnecessary details. The barrel is the most reasonable and user friendly grinder, and surpasses counterparts.

(2)Thick and high quality rubber does not make dents in products ? (Wear-resistant thick rubber is lined)
In particular, carefully selected rubber with high quality is thicker than any other counterparts. Thanks to the adequate thickness and suitable hardness, the durability is several times as high as that of counterparts, and there is no worry about making scratches or dents in products.

(3)Labor costs for operation can be extremely reduced
Since the structure is simple and robust, there is no point which causes failures. Completely unattended operation is possible using a timer. An operator can operate 3 or 4 units easily.

(4)Efficient grinding by increased grinding amount thanks to long fluidized bed ? (Double octagonal pyramid barrel is equipped)
This shape of Yamashina barrels is unique. The most efficient grinding and polishing are performed by triple effects owing to flow of fillers and high pressure. In addition, contents are mixed well. Uniform finishing of thin products is ensured without adherence of the products to the wall. In addition, for small products, products can be charged without problem even if the charge quantity is 1/4 to 1/8 of the tank capacity.

(5)Exclusive bright finishing available owing to perfect heat dissipation and water washing ? (Appropriate elevating mechanism is equipped)

The barrel can be moved up and down manually and swiftly owing to the gearing. The machine can be operated lightly because the installed motor and reduction gear balance with the barrel. Adjusting to a given angle is supported and the barrel can be rotated at a given position. In addition, there is no danger thanks to the double safety device. This structure is most convenient for charging and discharging of goods as well as inspection of the degree of machining. For iron products, workpieces can be removed by using a magnet while leaving grinding stones and water in the barrel.

(6)Grinding conditions can be set easily
You can get your necessary revolution speed easily by replacing a belt of BARREL POLISHING MACHINE. It's possible to establish the optional revolution speed by your using an inverter.

(7)Reduction of working hours ? (The barrel is tightened by a toggle)
Putting and removing the lid can be performed easily and swiftly without using any tool, which allows easy charging and discharging of contents and inspection.

(8)Exceptionally high safety ? (No problem even when the machine gets wet with water)

The oil seal is equipped to the rotation axis. Therefore, there is no problem even when the machine gets wet with chemical solutions or water. Electrical components can be installed, separating them from the main body. Safety covers are equipped to the belt, etc.

(9)Excellent rigidity, no failure, and outstanding service life ? (High durability with less electric power consumption)
You are able to reduce power consumption with our BARREL POLISHING MACHINE has design accuracy like a precision machine , unsurpassed in durability and the light and smooth revolution.

(10)Low installation cost ? (Easy installation and transfer)
This barrel grinder can be operated stably just put on a floor without anchor bolts.

Machine Specifications (250H/120A/65B/32B)
Inclinable Barrel Grinder Dimensional Drawing