Product Information

Product Information

Machine Tool Division

For the machining of high pressure gas vessel TRANSFER MACHINE
Machined Workpiece

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This In-line type transfer machine covers the machining of gas inlet portion of gas vessel. Gas vessel is machined by rotating tools with it’s fixed form. CNC facing unit with ATC covers the boring and ID taper threading efficiently on final finishing operation. Workpiece is transferred by gantry type loader between the stations.

1ST:Loading the workpiece   2ST:Drill, OD turning  3ST:OD, Face, Inside chamfer  4ST:Idle  5ST:Assemble Neck ring Roller forming  6ST:Idle   7, 8ST:Back boring, ID taper boring and ID taper threading   9ST:Unloading workpiece

▲Machine total view-output side

▲CNC facing unit with ATC