Product Information

Product Information

Machine Tool Division

For the machining of large size connecting rod OIL HOLES GUN DRILLING MACHINE
Machined Workpiece

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This machine is designed and manufactured for diesel engine connecting rod

  • Machine with 2 workpiece jigfixture pallets at the machine front side for adapting various kinds of workpiece and small lot productions.
  • Coolant oil temperature is kept by oil controller for ideal condition.
  • Coolant oil separator is arranged at outlet of chip conveyor for less coolant oil with cutting chips.
Gun drilling unit specifications

Spindle motor/3.7kw, Spindle speed/1200~2800rpm, Spindle lubrication/ oil mist, Feed stroke/1340mm, Rapid feed speed/6m/min, w/p material/SFCM80, Hardness/HB243~294, Gun drilling diameter/φ8~φ16, Cutting speed/60~70m/min, Cutting feed speed/ 0.05~0.06mm/rev.

▲Total machine view―w/p jigfixture pallets are
arranged right and left of the machine front

▲Gun drilling unit―from machine rear