Product Information

Product Information

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Horizontal Boring Machine type CNC FACING MACHINE
Machined Workpiece

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This machine is designed and manufactured for the machining of Tube shape workpiece for Vessels. Spindle head moves right and left-C axis, up and down-Y axis, front and rear-Z axis on the column. Workpiece is machined for both end Face, ID,both end OD of short length by CNC facing head. After then, facing head is exchanged to eccentric center type boring head by manual job. Eccentric radius shape of oil pod portion is machined by this boring head on ID of tube. Large tube shape workpiece is continuously machined on identical jigfixture without changing over work ,therefore efficiency and accurate machining is realized.

CNC facing head:
Motor 4P/11kw, Speed 19 ~ 75rpm 2-Spindle eccentric center type boring head: Motor 4P/11kw, Speed 25 ~ 100rpm
Movement stroke:
C axis-450/ Y axis-250/ Z axis-3450mm/ CNC facing stroke X axis-100mm.
C, Y, Z axis guide ways type- Roller type linear guide way.
Workpiece dimensions ( Max,):
OD-1400. ID-1160. Length-2700mm. Machine weight : 26 ton

▲Machine view-operating position

▲Total arrangement