Product Information

Product Information

Lubrication Machinery Division

EDL (Electro-magnetic Direct Lubrication System)
What is EDL (Electro-magnetic Direct Lubrication System)?
・EDL is an independent distribution type direct-drive lubrication system.

It does not require a common hydraulic pump system, contrary to other electronic lubricators.

・Patent Pending

・It proechanism.vides a timer controlled lubrication by a built-in control mechanism.

An oil feed plunger, which is electrically driven by control signals, runs at high speeds and rea lizes a high speed and highly efficient pin-point lubrication.

Features of EDL
・Low cost (as a system)

It does not require a hydraulic pump system, contrary to other electronic lubrication systems.
It supplies oil from the head tank same as conventional system. There is no system license fee.

・Long life

A long life is assured because there is no impact due to mechanical movements and no sensitive solenoid valve is used. (More than 100,000,000 cycles)

・Conservations?of energy and space

Control circuit is built in each lubricator and it outputs the lubrication timing and error states to an external device.
It has very high operation efficiency because it consumes the electricity only momentarily when oil is fed. (Approx. 20 W at 180 cpm)
It requires only a minimum space because it does not need a hydraulic pump unit.

・High speed

It can be driven at 180 cpm max. (Net discharging time: 2 - 3 msec)

Structure and control of EDL system

We, Yamashina, provide a manual that describes basic timing control method and other basic control procedures such as the troubleshooting, etc. However, the specifications are provided on the open-end basis because specifications for the control of lubrication amounts, variable parameters for such control, setting procedure, etc. could vary widely depending on respective users.