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About us

Quality Policy

1. Basic principle (policy)

The manager and all employees are a group of technicians who make efforts to develop and produce the products evaluated as No.1 among our customer industries and to achieve "quality stabilization" and further "quality improvement" of the products

2. Quality policy
  • The manager is responsible for the establishment and operation of a quality management system,confirmation of the effectiveness,and continual improvement and revision of the system.
  • To execute the customer-oriented policy of our company, all employees place emphasis on communication with customers, try to understand current and future customer needs, measure the customer satisfaction level,recognizethe current evaluation of our company by customers,and make constant efforts to enhance customer evaluations.
  • To execute our company's policy to collaborate with other companies,all employees place emphasis on communication with customers and determine whether the customers value our company as a potential partner for joint development or collaboration.
  • Medical division develops, manufactures, and markets medical devices certified in accordance with the ISO 13485 standard and in the spirit of the motto, "our technology for the sake of life."
3.“Quality targets"for this fiscal year
  • Improvement in customer satisfaction.
  • Zero claims. Reduce the number of departments that did not have zero claims in last year by 50 percent.
  • Reduce the last year rejection rate by 50 percent.
  • Strict observance of deadlines.
  • Monitoring the achievement of zero workplace accidents. In order to achieve quality targets, each department chief disseminates concrete numerical targets, numerically expresses quarterly performance, practices "visualization," clearly expresses the rates from the previous quarter, and gets all employees on the same page, making the utmost effort to improve performance.
4. Process Monitoring

The director of each section should report the results for the half-year period and perform monitoring.

  • Design sections
    Monitoring the deadlines for submitting plans, reducing the rate of late submissions by 50 percent year-on-year.
    Monitoring the "zero-mistake" plan, reducing the rate of mistakes by 50 percent year-on-year.
    Monitoring of activities to set and achieve targets on the invention and completion of new designs and mechanisms
  • Manufacturing and processing sections
    Monitoring of delivery time between processes
    Monitoring of activities to reduce rejected items
  • Purchasing section
    Monitoring of purchasing within a set budget
    Monitoring of rejected items supplied by vendors; and monitoring of replacement of the vendors that do not take remedial measures with other vendors
  • Sales Divisions
    Research on Degree of Customer Satisfaction and Analysis of Failures in receiving Orders The Lubrication Machinery Division and the Heat Exchanger Division shall supervise the collection of questionnaires of not less than five samples each, and the Machine Tool Division shall supervise the collection of questionnaires on all delivered machine bodies at the time of acceptance thereof.
    All sales divisions shall supervise the number of visits to not less than five companies a week.
    The Machine Tool Division shall set the annual target of the number of contracts with new customers and supervise it. The Lubrication Machinery Division shall set the target of the total sales amount of new products and supervise it. The Heat Exchanger Division shall set the target of the number of orders from new customers and supervise it.
  • Administrative Section of Administrative Department
    It shall supervise the maintenance of the health of employees.
  • New Additional Items common to the Environment (However, the degree of achievement of the target shall be that of the quality target or the environmental purpose and target.)
    Control of Overtime Working Hours (All departments excluding the sales divisions) The rate of the reduction of monthly average overtime working hours per member subject to control in a department in comparison with those in the same month of the preceding fiscal year shall be as follows:
    1. The departments where the monthly average overtime working hours in the preceding fiscal year were less than 10 hours/member subject to control shall maintain and control them.
    2. The departments which achieved the reduction target of 20% with not less than 10 hours in the preceding fiscal year shall reduce them by 10%.
    3. The departments which failed to achieve the reduction target of 20% in the preceding fiscal year and those where the overtime working hours exceeded 50 hours in such year shall reduce them by 20% and cause them not to exceed 60 hours.
    Control of Working Hours (with TECHS)
    In the first half of the fiscal year, all divisions excluding the Medical Division shall be involved and discuss with relevant departments how to establish a system to input data on working hours relating to products into the New TECHS, and they shall endeavor to enable the commissioning of such a system in the second half through test runs. The purposes shall be to “visualize” product costs, man-hours in process, etc., utilize them for accounting, production control, etc. and thereby strengthen the system.
  • Other Departments
    They shall state the numerical targets conforming to the quality target, supervision, and measurement of the entire company.

Stipulatd on April 1,2016